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Vanessa + Ari | Sephardic Temple Wedding | Los Angeles

They went to neighboring high schools: Ari went to Agoura, Vanessa to Calabasas. They knew a lot of people in common when they met at the district’s summer school program in 1997. Fast forward about 13 years from that first meeting to Superbowl weekend 2010, and Ari had two parties he didn’t want to attend. His friends convinced him to go to a bar, which he never does. Vanessa’s friend, Nicole, invited her to a friend’s birthday party at Big Foot Lodge West in Culver City, and Vanessa figured, “Why not?” At the bar Vanessa spots this guy she recognized, and Nicole nudged her to go over to say hello. Vanessa walked up to Ari and said, “You went to Agoura High School,” to which Ari replied, “Yeah, I’m Ari.” Vanessa said, “I know–Averbach!” Ari got Vanessa’s number, and that’s how it all started! If you’d like to see their adorable engagement photos again, you can see those here

An interesting and sweet detail from their wedding: Each close family unit received a square to design that would be quilted into a canopy on their chuppah. What a lovely way to include the union of two families! Mazel tov, Vanessa and Ari! xoxo

Venue: Sephardic Temple in Westwood, California
Florist: McCann Florist
Caterer: Pat’s Kosher Catering
Videographer: Video Services Un-limited by Maury Gomberg
Bride’s Dress: Lili Bridal

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