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Luani and Nirav| Indian Wedding | Erhart’s by the Sea

Mehndi, or henna, is an ancient form of art that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is believed to bring love, good fortune, and to protect against evil. There was an abundance of love and good fortune at the wedding of Luani and Nirav, who are two doctors that fell in love through the miracle of modern technology: internet dating! Although they both have very different backgrounds, with Nirav growing up in India and Luani in Pasadena… their worlds came together when they met and had an instant connection. Their wedding at Erhart’s by the Sea had gorgeous views overlooking the Pacific ocean and a perfect blue sky day with great visibility. The ceremony was a traditional Indian Wedding with many beautiful rituals, including Jai Mala which is the exchange of garlands, and Vivah Havan (Lighting of the Sacred Fire), where the priest lights the sacred fire or Agni. Agni symbolizes the divine presence as a witness of the ceremony. Commitments made in the presence of agni are made in the presence of God. The reception was more modern with an excellent dance party that blended both cultures through music. The flowers were gorgeous thanks to Shawn Featherstone at, and Kathy Kotecha did a great job with the makeup and decorations. It was a perfect day and I truly feel blessed to have been Luani and Nirav’s wedding photographer. 



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