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Hotel Irvine Indian Wedding | Neha + Jay

Jay and Neha are not only gorgeous, but two of the kindest people you will ever meet, and their wedding at Hotel Irvine is definitely one that will go down in history! Their wedding celebration lasted over a week, and I was there to photograph three days of it! Three days of amazing outfits, delicious food, vibrant colors, music, dancing and rituals steeped in tradition. The first night was the Sangeet, which is a celebration of the coming together of two families in the union of their children. Both sides perform choreographed dances which serve as a bond connecting the two families to each other and to the bride and groom. The next day started with the lively Baraat, followed by the Milni, and then the wedding ceremony which begins with a prayer to Ganesha, the God of New Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles. In Hindu weddings, the bride and groom are considered incarnations of Lakshmi and Vishnu on their wedding day, and I will avow that they both had an otherworldly aura! The end of the ceremony night was emotional because the bride is essentially leaving her family to be a part of her husband’s family. Before she steps into the car to leave, she pauses to throw rice back over her head three times, which symbolizes that as the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, she wishes for her parent’s house to always remain prosperous. After the couple gets into the car (driven by the groom’s brother) the bride’s brothers and cousins push the car from behind as a sign that they are wishing her luck and pushing them towards a joyful life. A tearful goodbye that evening, but the next day was filled with joyful celebration again for the third and final event which was the Wedding Reception. This night included more dance performances, more delicious food and more amazing music provided by Sodjla. Videographers Avec Lumiere Productions and Makeup artist Drea V were also fantastic to work with. This is truly a beautiful culture and I feel honored to have been a part of it all. Congratulations and much love to Jay and Neha! xo

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